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an afternoon with Deep Wild Coaching

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

There are people who radiate emotion. The Oma on the tram - neat and tidy, but with eyes that smile and a face that softens when a small child laughs. The bully at work - wide stance, square shoulders, mannerisms sharp and swift. The toddler, clapping along, singing silently as they rock their body back and forth. Our bodies speak, projecting our thoughts, our feelings, our lives.

It's rare to meet someone who radiates laughter and serious purpose, strength and humility. There are few people who can hold contradictory truths in perfect balance. But those who can own a hard won peace, a contentment that's seen things and knows things and survived things, and that's not easily shaken.

meet Salem of Deep Wild Coaching

I met Salem of Deep Wild Coaching through U!Shine Vienna. What began as a headshot session for the U!Shine website turned into an afternoon of self-affirmation and fun. If you look at the photos, you'll notice that the people in the background are wearing coats. But who has time for coats when they get in the way of dancing?

In the photos you'll also see something quite special for a Vienna winter day: the sun. Most winter days, the sun casts a dull, lifeless grey. But that afternoon the sun threw down a golden light, a natural spotlight as we laughed on the banks of the Stadtpark canal.

I adore Salem's photos. In them you can see the poet, the wellness coach, the mother, the U!Shine volunteer, and the friend.


Each morning my heart
Embarks on a voyage
Of true understanding
In hope of reaching
The shore of awakening
© Salem Islas-Madlo 2017

Used with the author's permission.

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