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an afternoon with the U!Shine Vienna interns

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

What do you get when you combine a stormy day, florescent overhead lights and an oh so tiny light reflector? Perfect conditions for using off-camera lights like an external flash (or speed light as the pros call them). That's what I thought as I walked in to U!Shine Vienna's headquarters, without a flash - oops.

U!Shine Vienna is a non-profit that hosts workshops and publishes resources about emotional and mental health. If you're new to Vienna or seeking honest conversations about life in all its beauty and ugliness, you may want to check out their website or stop by their totally gorgeous retro inspired headquarters.

I was there to photograph their interns, Riley and Andrew. Vienna was enjoying an April storm in late May (because the weather gods forgot to send spring showers until spring was nearly over). I was late, a little dishevelled, and dripping. Fun.

Fortunately, Riley and Andrew were up for fun, and went along with all my zany suggestions to create relaxed, humour filled and not appallingly lit photos. Play scrabble next to this white wall where there's no overhead light? Sure. Sit next to the window and pretend to read, drink coffee, and listen to music? Okay. Help me move this really heavy filing cabinet so you can be closer to the window? No problem.

Riley and Andrew accepted the challenge with grace and humour. It was their second day at work, and the photo session quickly became a get to know you activity. We learnt that they were both battling jet lag, that Riley loves coffee (smart lady) and that Andrew had modelled for photo shoots before.

They were a total delight to photograph. You can read more about Riley and Andrew and their work for U!Shine Vienna on the U!Shine Vienna blog.

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