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stories of love: Lisa and Lydia's couple's portrait session

Love is like air. It surrounds us. You can find love in friendship, in kind words, in generosity. It's in a child's spontaneous laugh. It holds us as we sit with the lost and the grieving. Love is the magic that binds you to that one person whose energy motivates you, whose body entices you, and whose spirit calls to you. We need love to survive.

But, like air, love can be elusive. It can move around us and through us and away from us far too easily. We can push love away, or let others beat it back. Sometimes, we need to fight for the one we love.

I'm delighted to introduce you to Lisa and Lydia: two women loving each other and staying true to themselves and to their faith in a sometimes disapproving world.

Meet Lisa and Lydia

Lisa is a life coach and qualified counsellor, providing advice and encouragement through workshops and one-on-one coaching. Lydia is a social worker passionate about the health and safety of teenagers and young adults. Together with representatives from the Vienna-based church and Bible school projekt:gemeinde, Lisa and Lydia run Zwischenraum Wien, a network for LGBTQ people of faith and their allies.

The couple's photoshoot

Lisa and Lydia wanted photos that capture their commitment, playfulness, and love of colour and design. They suggested WUK, an event space in Vienna's 9th district.

WUK is gorgeous - a perfect blend of soft, trailing plants, strong industrial architecture, old-school design, and bold colour. I'm pretty sure I spent the first 15 minutes of the shoot walking around, pointing at things, and mumbling, 'Wow! This place is amazing!'

Lydia and Lisa's session was a joy to shoot. Moments of laughter and banter followed silent smiles and looks that spoke as clear as words. My thanks to Lisa and Lydia for allowing me to share their story with you.

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