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She Leads Daily: Connecting with the Word

In November 2018, I saw a post on Instagram calling for new writers for She Leads Daily. The faith-based blog and magazine is daring. This isn't your typical good-girl-clutching-Bible-and-pearls blog. The posts are raw, encouraging honest discussions of issues affecting modern women, particularly women of faith. Here is my first article for She Leads Daily. This one is for you if you've ever thought, 'So, the Bible; why would I want to read it?'

I have a secret. I’ve kept it hidden beneath 'praise the Lord,’ 'it's such a blessing,' and other holy sounding words. I’ve smiled, big and bold, every Sunday, so you would never guess. If you knew, you'd see through me. But I think it's time you knew, for my secret may be your secret too.

P.S. My thanks to Tawni Marie for showing us it's possible to read in the centre of Vienna's 1st district.

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