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It started in Vienna...

Life throws curve balls. As a baseball fan, I love curve balls. They are so much fun to throw and even more fun to hit.

The trick with curve balls is to expect them. It's when you don't expect them that life, like your batting average, can get all messy. But sometimes out of the mess comes something beautiful.

I didn't expect curve balls when my family moved to Vienna. I didn't expect to trade in law and politics for a camera and a keyboard, or that I'd fill the empty spaces of expat life with writing articles and taking photographs for blogs and magazines. 

and continues in Australia...

If you manage to hit them, unexpected curve balls are the best. Now back in Australia, I spend every day telling stories through stock photos, artworks and custom images, and the occasional magazine article.

You can find commercial grade stock photos on Pixistock.

Free stock images and artworks are available @mserineast on Unsplash and Pixabay.

You can contact me to find out more about custom images here.

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